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We create effortless, everyday, fine jewellery that's designed to be layered, stacked and gifted. Steering away from trends that often fade, we look to design timeless jewellery with a quiet sense of luxury.

We believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story and create jewellery that when worn becomes an intrinsic part of your style.

We only work with the finest materials with an emphasis on quality and finish, whilst supporting British and Italian craftsmanship. 

Our designs are available in sterling silver (AG 925) and 14ct gold (AU 585).


Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, which is why it's hallmarked 925 and also makes it more expensive than plated items. All our silver jewellery is made using sterling silver, which means the silver wont be worn away over time like plated jewellery. This makes it perfect to be worn everyday. 

14ct GOLD (AU 585)

Every piece of our gold jewellery is 14ct solid gold. We want to make sure that your jewellery lasts throughout your lifetime and can be something that you're able to pass on to future generation. 14ct gold is 58.5% gold (hallmarked AU 585), it's made up of 14 parts gold and the other 10 parts are a combination of copper and silver. We work with 14ct gold, because it means we can maintain a high standard of quality whilst keeping our gold jewellery as affordable as possible.