Rose Quartz Crystal Wand Ring Holder (set of 3)

Rose Quartz Crystal Wand Ring Holder (set of 3)


These beautiful rose quartz crystal wand ring holders are the perfect way to store your rings when you’re not wearing them.

They would be the perfect addition to your dressing table or bedside table or even sat on your desk if you take your rings off when you’re working.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, it encourages love for oneself, family and friends and releases stress and anxiety, so these rose quartz crystal wands will help create positive vibes and create good energy.

Size: these best fit a UK size L to P / US size 5.5 to 7.5, if you have a smaller or larger ring size please let us know and we’ll find the best crystal to fit your rings

Rose Quartz is a beautiful natural gemstone and each crystal wand will vary slightly in colour.


  • Made from: Rose Quartz

  • Set of 3

  • Height: approx 50mm/60mm

  • Width of base: approx 15mm/20mm

    (each one will vary slightly in size)

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