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The hoop earring is a must have for any jewellery box, but one size or style doesn't fit all, so take your time and discover the perfect hoop earring for you.

Here’s our useful guide to finding the hoop for you.


The Sleeper.jpg

This style is easy to wear, it’s small and indiscreet and a great hoop to wear everyday. It sit’s snuggly under the earlobe and with the multiple piercings that are in fashion at the moment it can easily be styled with either larger hoop or a number of studs.

The Sleeper Hoop Details:

Size: hoop drop 10mm or less

Price: silver from £48, 14ct gold from £120


The Different Hoop.jpg

The midi hoop is a classic, it’s the perfect hoop you can wear to work and then out for drinks after, because of their size it means they’ll be comfy to wear all day, especially if you chose a skinny pair rather than a chunky style.

The Midi Hoop Details:

Size: hoop drop usually between 15mm - 25mm

Price: silver from £28, 14ct gold from £78


Statement Hoop Earring.jpg

The statement hoop is how you make a statement without having to make an effort, they’ll add that extra something to a denim and t-shirt look and they’ll add the wow factor to a little black dress.

The Statement Hoop Details:

Size: hoop drop 30mm or more

Price: silver from £32, 14ct gold from £140


The Different Hoop.jpg

Hoops don’t have to conform to a traditional circular shape, they can be oval, have a twist or be made of pearls, so if dare to be different an like to stand out from the crowd this is the style for you.

The Different Hoop Details:

Size: will vary

Price: silver from £28, 14ct gold from £140

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