Eternity rings are steeped in meaning and tradition and with their chic, simple, timeless silhouette they are fast becoming a must have for the fashion sets jewellery boxes.

Throughout history the eternity ring was often given to mark a significant moment, with no beginning and no end the endless circle of precious stones represents the eternity of love and life. 

It is thought that the eternity ring dates back to the early Egyptians, where rings were used to celebrate an eternal love between a couple, a love that could not even be interrupted by death, these rings featured continuous carvings or gemstones all the way round the band. This early Egyptian idea of an 'eternal' ring – a continuous circle that can never be broken – continues to define the modern eternity ring of today. 

Traditionally, the eternity ring represents love and is given to celebrate anniversaries, one of the most popular being the first wedding anniversary and is worn on the ring finger along with the wedding band and the engagement ring. Another symbolic meaning that an eternity ring holds is that it represents the circle of life and for this reason it is often given when a couple welcome their first child to the world.

You can of course throw all traditions out the window and buy and wear the eternity ring to suit your style and attach your own meaning and symbolism to it. Diamonds are the traditional gemstone of choice for eternity rings, but today they are available in an array of gemstones and why just stick to one when you could stack a few to create a real statement. 


Our eternity rings are available in sterling silver and 14ct gold and are made to order to ensure the perfect fit, so if you'd like to order an eternity ring please allow 3-4 weeks for your ring to reach you. If you have any questions about our eternity rings please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you