The Gold Guide | Gold Explained

Every piece of our gold jewellery is 14ct solid gold, we want to make sure that your jewellery lasts throughout your lifetime and can be something that you're able to pass on to future generations. But we are well aware that all the terms surrounding gold jewellery can be confusing and it's not always easy to understand exactly what you're buying, so here's a simple and hopefully helpful guide to explaining the differences in gold jewellery. 


When something is gold plated, the gold content is usually less than 1%. This means that the piece of jewellery is actually a base metal (often brass or silver) that gets dipped in a gold bath. Plated gold jewellery will have the same lustre and shine as gold jewellery to begin with but the layer of gold will quickly fade. You can get your plated gold jewellery re-plated to restore it's shine. Most fashion jewellery is gold plated, which allows the cost to be as low as possible.


Gold jewellery is defined by it's carat, this term is often mistaken as a unit of weight but it actually refers to the percentage of pure gold in a piece of jewellery. The higher the carat, the purer the gold.  

'Carat' is abbreviated to ct, K and kt, in the UK we usually use ct and in the US you'll see kt used.


24ct gold is the purest form of gold and consists of 99.9% gold, which explains it's hallmark  AU 999. It's bright yellow, orange in colour and is very soft, making it difficult to work with, so is not really suited to jewellery. 


18ct gold is 75% gold (hallmarked AU 750), it's made up of 18 parts gold and the other 6 parts are made up of a combination of copper and silver. It's lighter in colour in 24ct gold and the silver and copper components help to make it easier to work with, though it's high percentage of gold means it's an expensive choice. 


14ct gold is 58.5% gold (hallmarked AU 585), it's made up of 14 parts gold and the other 10 parts are a combination of copper and silver. It's soft yellow hue and it's affordable price point makes it a popular choice. 


9ct gold is 37.5% gold (hallmarked AU 375), it's made up of 9 parts of gold and the other 15 parts are a combination of copper and silver. Its higher percentage of other metals, makes it stronger and more durable than other carats of gold and it's also the cheapest carat option. 

We chose to work with 14ct gold for all our gold pieces, because it meant we could maintain a high standard of quality while keeping our gold jewellery as affordable as possible.