The inspiration for our first capsule gold collection, came from looking back at the role gold played in ancient civilizations, where it was believed gold belonged to the sun and magical properties were attributed to it. The Latin for gold is 'aurum', that translates to 'brilliant aura', so for the photoshoot we wanted to capture the rising sun and the aura surrounding it, but to do so meant a very early start time. 

After weeks of prep (chasing samples, location scouting and model castings) we somehow managed to pick the perfect morning, just before the corn field was harvested and the sky was clear, making way for a spectacular sunrise. The soft early morning light, highlighted the field of corn, added extra sparkle to our jewellery and gave Georgia (our model) that perfect glow.


LOCATION: Church Farm, Aldbury, Hertfordshire

PHOTOGRAPHY: Simon Gill | MODEL: Georgia Craze